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Did you know that as much as 70% of the time you spend on the phone is wasted time?

Stop wasting time by auto dialing your contacts

Time is Money - Stop Wasting It

It's true, answering machines, busy signals and disconnected numbers steal away the most valuable commodity you have. Time.

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Cloud Based

Nothing to install on your computer. Use the computer and phone you already own. Dial from any location.

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Increased Contact Rates

The number one live rapid dialing system on the market today! Expect PhoneBurner® to triple your dials, triple the number of voicemails left and quadruple the number live answers reached.

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Productive Sales Reps

The drudgery of calling prospect lists is officially over. PhoneBurner® dials your contacts, leaves voicemail messages, sends follow-up emails and makes notes for you.

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Feel Fresh and Focused

Let PhoneBurner® handle the menial, monotonous tasks so you can focus on making connections with your prospects that answer live!

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Welcome to the new way sales gets done.
Welcome to PhoneBurner®

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